Class information

For new starters our classes take place on Saturdays and consist of a full gymnastics warm up, basic gymnastics skills and basic apparatus skills.
We take children from age 4 but all children must have started school.

Class Times

For girls aged 4-7 years: Saturdays 1-2pm

For girls aged 8 years and up: Saturdays 4-5pm

Forgirls aged 7/8 years and up: Weds 4.30-5.30pm

Squad classes run on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

We have a yearly membership fee of £27 and our class fees are paid monthly in advance on the first Saturday of each month. For a 4 week month fees are £14 and £17.50 for a 5 week month. In the event that training is missed due to illness or holidays, fees are non-refundable.

The membership costs include British Gymnastics Membership (£15) and club membership (£10), these are explained further below;

All of our gymnasts need to be members of British Gymnastics (BG) which is the UK National Governing Body for the Sport of Gymnastics. This has many benefits including that all of all gymnasts and coaches are insured. The yearly membership fee for British Gymnastics is £16 and the yearly Club membership fee is £10.

However, the membership is not payable until after the first 2 weeks so you can come along and have a try for 2 weeks at £3.50per session before having to commit to the membership fees.